Why is my local park not included in the playground survey?

    This survey only includes park playgrounds that are currently included in the capital budget for replacement in 2022.

    How does the Municipality determine which playgrounds will be replaced next?

    The replacement of playgrounds is determined by several factors such as age, amount of wear and tear, routine maintenance check reports, cost invested in replacement parts versus the number of years left in equipment lifespan, capital savings, and if aging play equipment can be replaced at the time of larger construction work in the park, etc.

    My local playground looks old, why is it not on the list?

    The equipment is routinely checked by Public Works staff and repaired when necessary.  Some colours may fade and paint chips will occur, making it appear ready for replacement; however, this is not always the case.

    The play equipment is added to the list for replacement when municipal inspectors reveal the need and/or based on life span.

    How many playgrounds are in Leamington?

    The Municipality of Leamington maintains 20 municipal playgrounds.